5 Lessons Learned: Gear

5 Lessons Learned: Gear

Essential Information You Need to Have About USB Products

USB products have become a basic component not only to the computer but almost every electronic. In a case where one wants to connect devices to and from the computer, he or she would need to know the right USB connector to use. Here, you need to know several issues surrounding USB ports as manufacturers increase the use of USB ports on their devices.

To begin with, it is essential to know that USB products and ports comes with different speeds. Some applications and tasks demand large data transfer rates and hence the need to match them with the right USB connectors. You would need to discover more about the data transfer rates just to be sure of what you are buying. There also exist full speed data transfer USB components that utilizes about 12 MB/s and is part of the USB 1.0 standard just like the 1.5MB/s category. The high speed transfer category has a transfer rate of 480 MB/s and tends to be the best when it comes to video and audio functions. The high speed transfer devices tend to fall under the 3.0 standard. It would be essential for one to be sure of the speed before investing in a USB product.

There is type A and type B host ports which tend to come with different use. The type A host ports are characterized by their elongated, flat appearance and are mainly used to control other USB devices such as adding keyboard. One would need to know that devices controlled from the computer such as printers demand type B connection. Most high powered devices such as printers call for type B USB. However, one would need to know that they tend to be less common when compared to the type A USB. You would need to read more to get more info about mini USB mainly used on mobile devices. Mini USBs tend to be smaller in size when compared to other types of USB. Micro USB is yet another type of USB device and is also used on portable devices and has been adopted by most manufacturers of mobile devices.

Type C is another class of USB but tends to have a higher transfer rate and also offers more power when compared to other types of USB. Type C USB is yet another very common type of USB especially when it comes to tablet, laptops and smartphone use. It would be essential for one to learn about the USB on the go (OTG). Under normal circumstances, moving files from an external device would demand one to transfer them to a computer and then to a mobile device. With the USB OTG, it would be possible to move files from the external drive to a mobile device without a computer now!

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